Summer Enrichment

All Hesburgh-Yusko scholars are required to participate in four self-designed Summer Enrichment Experiences – Wilderness Leadership, Social Justice, Global Inquiry, and Professional Venture – to develop and explore their interests outside of the classroom. We believe that self-discovery and leadership development should not stop at the end of the academic year. Each scholar receives funding to design a Summer Enrichment Experience that helps them meet their goals and become transformational leaders.

Once on campus, Program staff work with scholars to help them develop these experiences. Planning begins in early fall, with research in the field of interest and one-on-one advising. Scholars draft preliminary proposals for the faculty director addressing such questions as:

  • What core issue, cause, or professional field constitutes the framework of your plans?
  • What are the potential obstacles you might face in integrating yourself within the community – either across town or across the world?
  • How do you plan to meet these challenges?
  • What resources and skills will you need to complete your project?
  • Who are the faculty and other experts you are consulting about designing and implementing your summer plans?
  • What benefits do you anticipate? How will this experience shape you and others around you? How will you build on it and continue to grow?

Once the proposal is approved, Program staff work with scholars throughout the spring to help them arrange travel, housing, approvals, and other logistics. While the development and coordination of these experiences is the sole responsibility of each scholar, the Program staff as well as upperclassmen scholars are available for advice and assistance every step of the way.