Global Inquiry

During their sophomore year, scholars work with the Hesburgh-Yusko staff to develop a research project with an international dimension. Many projects will be natural extensions of the Social Justice Summer Experiences and provide scholars with an opportunity to delve more thoroughly into a significant global problem.

Whether conducting independent research or working in a lab or organization, scholars will engage in the pursuit of truth to make a difference in the world. The research project can be an extension of a scholar’s course of study or he or she can choose to explore a topic or region of the world in which he or she has always been interested, but has never had the opportunity to explore.

Scholar Experiences

Kathleen Brennan

Kathleen Brennan, Class of 2015
Researched how violence is affecting young people - Belfast, Northern Ireland

“Through my research, I have become even more passionate about the situation in Northern Ireland and how young people can create a more peaceful and cooperative environment in the hostile land…Not only have I learned about how to conduct various forms of research, both qualitative and quantitative, I have learned more about Northern Ireland and myself.”

Abby Davis

Abby Davis, Class of 2016
Russian language courses and cultural research - Latvia

“During my Social Justice summer, I spent a great deal of time thinking about the question of how governments ought to respond to the flow of people across their borders. My experience living in a mostly Russian-speaking part of Latvia during my Global Inquiry summer broadened my perspective and posed another, equally important, question: what does social justice require of governments with respect to minority populations when it is borders that shift?”

DeJorie Monroe

DeJorie Monroe, Class of 2016
Youth Leadership Intern at the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund - Los Angeles, California

“Not only did I have the opportunity to work at a nationally-renowned organization, but I also found my organization to be a suitable culmination of my interests in law and education. I walk away from the experience with more knowledge about the Latino struggle for civil rights in this country as well as a greater appreciation for the day-to-day tasks of a litigator and education specialist in a non-profit organization.”